Training for Christian witness to UK Muslims

Over the past ten years Interserve has worked with others to achieve the following staged training so British Christians can be resourced to be good news to Muslim people they regularly mix with. The material is described below in the recommended order.

Level One: Basic The Friendship First Course

The Friendship First Course is an interactive starter pack, which can be completed in six weekly sessions. It is most effective with small groups of from 6 to 50 people. No prior knowledge is assumed for participants or the group leader, both of whom are led step by step through the material provided in the course pack, which contains a Leader’s Guide, a Participant’s Manual and a set of three DVDs.

Level Two: Introductory seminar ‘Being good news to Muslim Neighbours’

The interactive day seminar is a broader introduction to the issue of Christian witness to Muslim people. It is a varied and engaging programme including audio-visual
media, interactive question and answer and guided slots of prayer over the situation in which participants live. The seminar day is made up of the following:

  • Introduction: Muslims among us – what is God doing?
  • Session 1 – Origins of Islam – Roots in Abraham
  • Session 2 – Nature of Islam – Arabised reflection of Judaism
  • Session 3 – Witness to Islam – Barriers to the Muslim Heart

Level Three: Intermediate ‘Encountering the World of Islam’ Course

The EWI Course is an intermediate and interactive course that draws on contemporary audio-visuals to create a stimulating mix of inspiration and practical information. EWI comes from the same stable as the renowned Perspectives in World Mission course. It is run for up to 40 participants over 9 evening sessions, which are usually fortnightly or monthly.

The course is delivered by a well experienced team of speakers who are drawn from across the UK by invitation of local planning
groups. EWI is currently being run at church centres in London, Manchester, Leeds/Bradford and Liverpool.

Level Four: Advanced

The All Nations Islamics Course has been in existence for nearly thirty-five years. It is a degree-level in-depth examination of the history and teaching of Islam, as well as a variety of contemporary issues involved in Christian witness to Muslims.

The course is led each year by a resident host and a number of nationally respected speakers come in and out to deliver the training; this also includes a Muslim speaker.

If you are interested in any of these then please contact us at info@friendshipfirst.org