The Course in more detail

courseThe Friendship First Course is a brand new resource to equip Christians with vision, confidence, skills and resources to make friends with Muslim people and to share their greatest gift of love which is Jesus Christ himself. This is not just a job for ‘specialists’, but for the whole church.

This six session course is for believing Christians from all walks of life. It aims to give them:

  • A positive attitude towards their Muslim neighbours in Britain
  • Relevant Knowledge about Islam and Muslim Cultures
  • Sufficient skills to make a start in personal friendship and witness

It can be used in home groups in local churches, Christian Unions in universities, or larger seminar settings.

Course Contents

  • Week 1:
    Islam and Muslim people
  • Week 2: Muslim values and cultures
  • Week 3: Our Muslim friends
  • Week 4: Good news for our Muslim friends
  • Week 5: Ways to witness
  • Week 6: Next steps