The Friendship First Course deserves the widest possible circulation. It’s been prepared by experts with a great deal of experience in this country and overseas; it’s easy for non-specialists to use; and it’s highly creative in the way it communicates. Every congregation and fellowship in this country ought to think about putting on a course of this kind to educate Christians about Islam and encourage them in their relationships with Muslims.

Rev. Colin Chapman, widely respected teacher on Islam

Friendship First is a really useful resource for helping Christians to overcome the many barriers which exist to building relationships with Muslim people and to seeing those friendships grow. It also gives us greater confidence to share Jesus with our Muslim friends.

Rob Scott - St. Helen's Bishopsgate (Link)

I believe it's God's providence that we now have so many Muslims in our midst. This course is important for all of us who want to demonstrate God's grace and love towards them. I really urge people to get involved.

George Verwer, Founder of OM (Link)