If you need more help or resources, the best place to start is Kitab (which means ‘book’ in many Muslim languages). Check out their recommended reading or browse the website. All the books mentioned in the course can be found here.

Kitab Recommended Reading

Reaching Muslims (Nick Chatrath)

ReachingMuslimsA call to anyone who self-identifies as a Christian to develop open-hearted friendships with Muslims. This is a call for positive, not fearful, engagement. We share with Muslims a magnificent and potentially life-changing message – Jesus really is great news for everyone! If you have zero knowledge about Islam and zero relationships with Muslims, don’t worry: this book is
for you.


Gospel for Muslims (Steve Bell)

By Steve Bell

This book shows the Bible to be an eastern book, which western readers sometimes need help to recognise. It goes on to show how the whole Bible is needed to tell the gospel to eastern people with an eastern outlook. In this way the eastern resonance of the bible is unlocked by westerners in order to help them communicate its timeless message to a non-western friend, who would otherwise miss the full impact of the gospel.




Resources for Christians to reach out to Muslims

Grace for Muslims Website

“Attitudes towards Muslims range from polite hostility to naivety. Christians need help to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to bear witness, in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love. This balance is the “grace and truth” response, which gave rise to the title of this blog.” – Steve Bell

Al Jazeera

Website keeps you constantly updated news and surprising analysis from the Muslim World.

Meet the Natives

A Channel 4 documentary. All 3 episodes can
be viewed on www.channel4.com/search/?q=meet+the+natives

The Qur’an

This is available in several English translations. The best known are by Pickthall and Yusif Ali, with Abdul Haleem a recent addition.

www.camelmethod.com is a website favouring the use of the Qu’uran in Christian witness.

Gifts for Muslims



Resources for Muslims to learn about Jesus

Websites for Muslims to learn about Jesus

In English:

In Arabic:

in Farsi:

in Turkish:

in Urdu:

Bible courses to study with your Muslim friend:

Nine Studies for Muslim Seekers (available in Arabic and English) http://muslimministry.blogspot.com/2010/02/nine-bible-studies-for-muslim-seekers.html

The Discovery Course www.rmuller.com/discovery.html

The Unfolding Story http://karezproject.org/Bible%

Word of Life www.word.org.uk/course