Can I run a Friendship First course?

Yes, It is designed to be run by ‘non experts’ – those with no depth of understanding of Islam and/or the Muslim people.

Will I get help running the course?

Yes, in the pack is leader’s guide that will provide you
with all of the information that you will need to run the course. It is also important to involve you church leaders in your planning. If you need help on top of this then get in touch.

How many people do I need to run a Friendship First Course?

There is no minimum and some people choose to study it on their own. However, this course is designed to encourage conversation and sharing. We would recommend aiming for a group (or groups) of between 6 and 12.

How many study manuals will I need?

You should buy one study manual for each person in the group. The manual becomes a great reference tool for you to refer to at later dates.

How do I book a speaker to help kick off the course?

If you would like to book a speaker to kick off a course or promote it in your church or CU then get in touch and we can let you know who might be available and when. Please email us at info@friendshipfirst.org

How regularly should we run the course?

This is up to you and the group that you have. Some people use it as an intensive introduction and look at it daily, while others organise a monthly meeting. Most people arrange a weekly time but it is best to work out what people can realistically commit to.

Will I need to write essays or submit work?

No. However, there are reading assignments each week.

Can I download the clips to my computer?

No. This is not possible at the moment.

I am struggling to get enough people along. Are there others that I can link with in my area?

Yes. This may be possible. Please get in touch at info@friendshipfirst.org and we will let you know if there are others in the area planning a course.